Cardamom Carrots

Last night, I found myself in a pickle. I was making dinner and my only option for a veggie were carrots. I’ve never really liked roasted carrots. I think the taste of cooked carrots is kinda icky. Still in the holiday mood, I reached for honey, cinnamon and cardamom. It turns out, these carrots have given me a new love for roasted carrots.

What To Do With 10 Pounds Of Celery

During the pandemic, I’ve been ordering my groceries from Whole Foods through Amazon. This week I decided to juice. On the Amazon app, a package of organic celery costs $2.99 and a package of regular celery costs 30 cents. I knew that if I washed the celery well, it wouldn’t matter that it wasn’t organic.Continue reading “What To Do With 10 Pounds Of Celery”

Thanksgiving For Two

This Thanksgiving I stayed in Boston and celebrated a micro-Thanksgiving. I gathered inspiration for a pared down menu from Ina Garten and The New York Times; however, I found a lot of the recipes had so many ingredients and would require so much more work than my family recipes.